From adolescence to adulthood, one of the most common skin conditions affecting people today is acne. Though not dangerous, acne blemishes the skin and can leave scars that affect you’re appearance and confidence.

Acne is essentially the breakout of pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and nodules. Pimples appear when skin follicles get blocked due to oil that builds up under the skin. Though they mostly occur on the face, other common areas include the back, neck, shoulders and chest.

There are various kinds of treatments for acne, ranging from over-the-counter medications (creams, lotions, soaps, gels and pads applied to the skin), corticosteroid injections, oral antibiotics, and topical antimicrobials. The latest innovative treatment is Isolaz. Unlike anything before, Isolaz helps patients achieve smooth, clear skin quickly and painlessly. LaserOne MedSpa is very excited to offer this treatment to our Tucson area clients.

What Is Isolaz?

Isolaz is an advanced procedure that combines laser and vacuum technology to produce flawless skin with relatively few side effects. The laser removes acne-causing bacteria and evens out skin tone while the vacuum helps extract oil, blackheads and dirt from the pores. The effect is remarkably healthy and clear skin.

Isolaz laser treatment is the first treatment that has been tested to treat comedonal and pustular acne, along with mild to moderate cases of other acne. Most patients experience a significant improvement in their skin after Isolaz treatment.

Isolaz treatment helps counter the root causes of acne by:

  • Cleaning your pores
  • Purifying from the inside out
  • Replenishing your skin

Advantages of Isolaz

Short Treatment Time

The Isolaz procedure typically takes about 10 –20 minutes, depending on the location and size of the area being treated, eliminating the hassles associated with a long treatment time. Most patients require four treatment sessions to achieve noticeable results.

No Need for Anesthesia

No anesthesia is required for this procedure because the pain is minimal, if at all. This is a great advantage over surgery and other medications that causes irritation to the skin -– there is no need for numbing or needles.

Treats All Types of Acne

All types of acne, ranging from mild to moderate inflammatory acne to severe forms of comedonal and pustular acne, can be eliminated with Isolaz. It also treats pimples, blackheads, and hormonal or cystic acne. Anyone can opt for this treatment without worrying whether your kind of acne qualifies for the procedure.

Fewer Side Effects

Apart from minimal redness and increased initial acne surfacing due to the process, Isolaz has few side effects. The acne that breaks out post-treatment would normally lie beneath the surface waiting to appear anyway, and Isolaz resolves it quicker, getting you to clearer skin sooner.

Suitable for Multiple Skin Types

Isolaz is generally suitable for people of various ages and skin types. Unlike many medications that are not applicable to dry skin or oily skin, the Isolaz laser procedure can be used for almost anyone and everyone. Isolaz technology can be customized to your unique skin type.

What to Expect During Isolaz Acne Treatment

When the Isolaz laser tip is placed on you skin, you’ll feel a warm but painless sensation. The process is repeated over the entire area of treatment. The treatment is most commonly comparable to a warm massage. In fact, almost all patients report no pain in undergoing the Isolaz laser procedure.


Within 24–48 hours, you’ll see the results of the Isolaz procedure. There is reduced discoloration and redness, along with an instant drying out of blemishes. Unlike other laser acne treatments, the treated skin does not have any light sensitivities post-treatment. You can resume work and other normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Isolaz laser treatment is a safe and painless method for getting clear, smooth skin quickly. It has been clinically proven to be effective by leading dermatologists and is approved by the FDA.

If you have more questions about Isolaz, please call LaserOne MedSpa at 520.721.1117.