Fraxel® Laser Treatment in Tucson

Fraxel® is a proven laser technology that can help reverse the visible effects of aging, naturally helping you look as young as you feel. This form of non-invasive laser therapy provides a wide array of treatment options. Fraxel® addresses many forms of aging is customized to each patient’s needs and concerns, and normally requires minimal recovery time. It’s the perfect solution for people who want their skin to look younger, but don’t want to look plastic or fake and can’t afford a lot of time away from work or their social life.

The Fraxel® Process

“Smart scanning” hand piece ensures consistency and safety

Fractional lasers penetrate top skin layers

Fraxel light energy stimulates collagen, and resurfaces the top skin layer

Your skin’s natural rejuvenation process smoothes wrinkles and scars by stimulating collagen

Treatment Facts & Guidelines

  • The duration of Fraxel treatments usually last between 15 and 45 minutes.
  • A typical Fraxel treatment regimen consists of between 1 and 5 treatments.
  • Fraxel works with your body’s natural skin cells which yields results between 1 and 3 weeks.
  • Comfort is an important part of the Fraxel experience. Patients often report the sensation of a “light sunburn” immediately after treatment, but treatment plans can vary. Ask your physician about the specifics of your treatment.

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