LaserOne MedSpa Client Stories

The best and affordable results. LaserOne MedSpa is the only place I trust. They have an amazing laser that I almost didn’t feel, actually works, and the prices are affordable. I have had four treatments so far, and I can see an enormous difference from the time I first started going there. The amount of hair growing back has been reduced by 80%. The hair that does grow back is thinner and lighter. The staff is extremely honest, knowledgeable, professional, thorough and nice. They truly care about you getting the results you want. Don’t be fooled by other laser hair removal places, COME TO LASERONE MEDSPA and get the best and affordable results. Thank you LaserOne MedSpa.


Looking for a place to help my 20-year old’s acne problem has been my mission for months. After using every over-the-counter kit imaginable, as well as seeing numerous dermatologists, only to leave with a hand full of prescriptions that have never done the trick. Our frustration was so great we were considering Accutane, but were worried about the serious side effects. LaserOne MedSpa’s aestheticians not only have the latest available lasers for combatting acne they also offer products not available over-the-counter. I was first drawn to LaserOne MedSpa because they are the only place in Tucson offering ISOLAZ which I knew was a great new laser specifically for acne. I sound like a commercial I know, but I seriously called and inquired everywhere before choosing the appropriate place. Here we are two months later and for the first time ever my daughter’s skin is acne free. While she has some remaining red spots (not active acne), possible scars, they have ideas about how to work on that after they are sure the acne stays cleared up. My daughter is so pampered and they have never given up on her. I think the thing that is most important is they realize no one thing works for everyone’s acne. Unlike the dermatologists, they tried endlessly for the right answer/product/laser for her needs. The after pictures are incredible! Thank you to LaserOne MedSpa.


I can’t say enough about how incredibly pleased I am with the results of the dermaplaning Peel I had done at LaserOne MedSpa last week. Not only that, but the customer service and professionalism of the staff are what you would expect at a 5-star spa. The aesthetician for the procedure made my comfort and education regarding the dermaplaning facial top priority. I felt totally at ease discussing my skin and the concerns I have about my skin with her. She did a beautiful job, and I look great as a result! LaserOne MedSpa gets my unreserved recommendation for your skin care needs.

James Titone is very knowledgeable and experienced. His assessment of what product will work best for each individual is accurate. His knowledge takes the worry out of making the decision when you are not familiar with what each product does. James understands the muscles of the face and contours the injections for the best results. The entire staff is friendly and helpful.

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