What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a great, hassle-free option for women who want to reclaim what aging and childbirth may have taken away. ThermiVa is a radio frequency (RF) treatment that painlessly heats the targeted tissue. It safely stimulates collagen and elastin production and tightens and tones muscles. ThermiVa helps women regain a more youthful-looking vagina and restore confidence back in their bodies.

Advantages of ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

Produces Vaginal Moisture

As women grow older, they are more likely to experience problems related to chronic vaginal dryness and infections. For those undergoing menopause or who have had a few children, this is not uncommon. However, vaginal dryness can be caused by other issues as well.

ThermiVa determines a specific temperature and amount of time on tissue. The heat stimulates the vagina to produce natural moisture on its own, which relieves dryness. This helps provide ongoing healthy vaginal moisture in the long run.

Reduces Sexual Dysfunction

Vaginal rejuvenation also leads to tighter vaginal wall tissues and a vulva that appears more youthful. A tighter vagina can greatly improve a woman’s sex life. It helps women with orgasmic dysfunction achieve orgasms faster.

The procedure rejuvenates the labial skin, which consequently produces smaller and less prominent labia. And ThermiVa treatments to the clitoris and g-spot areas are very safe.

Lowers Incontinence

Incontinence, the inability to hold urine that is usually caused by pregnancy, childbirth and age, is an embarrassing problem for many women. ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation helps to eliminate problems related to minor stress incontinence by making the vaginal muscles tighter and skin more youthful.

Decreases Chafing and Irritation

With age, the external and internal areas of the vagina become loose, which can cause irritation and chafing during movement; ThermiVa can help. By uplifting the skin in and around the vagina, the treatment helps reduce irritation. As a result, women feel more comfortable wearing bathing suits and other figure-hugging dresses, instead of being forced to wear loose-fitting clothes.

 What Is the Rejuvenation Treatment Like?

ThermiVa uses a slim, disposable treatment probe that is designed specifically for the task. The procedure is painless and has no down-time. Feedback mechanisms on the probe include thermistors and thermocouples, which transmit tissue temperature information to the device. This helps the device regulate power output and safely meet the temperature targets that are scientifically determined. ThermiVa has built-in safety mechanisms to prevent excessive temperature levels and burning.

When are the Results Visible?

Many women notice an improved vagina after the first treatment itself, but ordinarily, a course of two or three treatments is ideal. Most patients achieve optimal results by the third treatment.  The benefits may last for a year or more, and an annual maintenance treatment may be recommended to keep the area beautiful and rejuvenated.

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